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  • Ethan Biando

    Ethan Biando

  • Sofia Sanchez

    Sofia Sanchez

    Ambitious teenager building innovative projects with Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence

  • Charlotte Brown

    Charlotte Brown

    TKS Innovator

  • Sharu Sivapalan

    Sharu Sivapalan

  • Eason Wu

    Eason Wu

    15 y/o innovator at The Knowledge Society (TKS) who loves learning new things and writing about cool stuff and things I’ve learned.

  • Bagavan Marakathalingasivam

    Bagavan Marakathalingasivam

    A 15-year-old passionate kid whose one goal is wanting to impact the world | AI Enthusiast | Innovator @The Knowledge Society

  • Nicolas Gatien

    Nicolas Gatien

    Hi! I'm Nicolas! A 14 year old programmer learning about upcoming technology!

  • Riya Bisht

    Riya Bisht

    I am Riya and this is my pen name- Infinitygrl. A Beginner on medium.I love writing poems and sharing my experiences with others. Want to be an honest writer :)

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