1 Month In An Elite Human Accelerator Program — Here’s What I Learned

Have you ever had a life-changing moment? How about a life-changing year? At age 16, spending my summer like an average teenager, something amazing happened to me. The wheels of fortune moved perfectly like clockwork and I became a part of The Knowledge Society. TKS is a world-class program training young individuals like me to impact billions. All that’s required? Ambition and curiosity.

What is TKS all about?

TKS is a program unlike any other. Designed to take students beyond society’s norms, it transforms participants in terms of how they think, act, and do. Using cutting-edge technologies and lively environments to its support, the program enhances your skills, network and thought process that a teenager like me could only dream of.

The Most Important Lessons

In just the short amount of time that I spent in TKS, the program has already had a profound effect on me. It has given me lessons that I might carry on with me for the rest of my life. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Mindset. This single element could be enough to impact the rest of my life. I have really come to realize what could be done with the right mindset. It has shown me how to grow, behave, interact, react, and spend my time just to name a few. With the right mindset, everything seems to be achievable. Mindset is everything.

Network. Something that totally struck me out of nowhere was realizing the value of networking. You do with what you are surrounded with. Being surrounded with the right people and forming healthy relationships is key. Apart from the practical reasons of having a good network like opportunities and gaining knowledge, your network changes the way you live your life. With the right company, it will be easier to build healthy habits and develop new ways of thinking.

Action. One of the ideal traits to have is having bias towards action. In TKS, we are highly encouraged to do. Whether it be experimenting with projects that inspire or just to reach out to people you might be scared to, take action. It was slowly that I came to realize how little I have to lose if the answer is no, and how much there is to gain if it’s yes.

“If the end result is status-quo, then why not?” - Nadeem Nathoo, Co-Founder at TKS

Standards. What separates you from the rest are the standards you set for yourself. Setting high standards while being mindful of realistic expectations is crucial. High standards translate to setting realistic, yet challenging goals. Excuses, especially of age, should never be able to stop you from reaching your goals. This is something that I feel like I learned too late in my life. However, its never too late. If you’re willing to sacrifice and work hard yet smart, the challenging goals you set in the beginning won’t seem to be that far anymore.


What I have realized in the short amount of time I have spent at TKS is to have the right mindset, which will enhance your confidence to set high standards and take daring steps along the way. As you progress through your journey, the importance of growing and maintaining a valuable network will also become undoubtedly clear.

What’s more to come? What else it to learn? To follow my journey, subscribe to my monthly newsletter and follow me on medium.



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Ammar Abbas

Ammar Abbas

Innovator at The Knowledge Society